Q: What is a patio sling?

Answer: A patio sling is the material that is stretched between the rails of many popular brands of patio furniture. AS&PS offers a wide variety of high quality slinging materials to keep your patio furniture in its best shape year round. Our products are made from heavy duty fabrics and materials designed to stand up to your slinging application. Whether you’re changing your patio slings for a fresh look, or replacing damaged or deteriorated slings, AS&PS has the materials you need to get the job done right.

Q. How do I order a new Sling fabric for my furniture?

Answer: Check out our measurement instructions, following these instructions accurately ensures that we can cut your slings right the first time. Once you have all your measurements, you can find our custom order form by clicking “Slings” and then “Custom Order”. Choose your style of patio furniture, as well as your fabric, inform us of the appropriate measurements, and we’ll see to your order ASAP.

Q: Why do patio slings need to be replaced?

Answer: Aside from common accidents, like children mistaking the furniture for trampolines, or sitting down with a sharp object in your pocket, patio slings become dry and brittle after years of exposure to the elements. Sun, rain, heat, and cold will eventually deteriorate slings to the point when they will become weak and crack or tear making the furniture unsafe to use. AS&PS recommends replacing your patio slings every 3-4 years, or before if they become dry, brittle, or any tears occur to avoid any accidents.

Q : How long do patio slings last?

Answer: Depending on the location and conditions your furniture is kept in, your slings lifetime may vary. In general, slings on outdoor furniture generally last from 2 to 6 years. However, storing your furniture indoors while it is not in use or during the winter season can dramatically increase the life of your patio slings. AS&PS recommends replacing your patio slings every 3-4 years to avoid accidents from wear and tear.

Q : How do I install a new replacement patio sling?

Answer: There are several configurations of sling furniture, but we provide a general installation guide to help answer your questions related to installing your new slings. Please visit our Sling Installation Instructions for guidelines on how to install your replacement patio slings.

Q : How do I measure my patio furniture for ordering new slings?

Answer: AS&PS requires a few very specific measurements of your sling furniture frame to ensure we can fill your order correctly. There are several types of sling furniture configurations and AS&PS deals specifically with stretched-material slings. Please visit our Sling Measuring Instructions for guidelines on how to measure your sling frame for brand new AS&PS replacement slings. Be sure to measure twice!

Q. How should I clean my sling furniture?

Answer: American Slings recommends rinsing your patio slings with a garden hose every so often to avoid having dirt embed into the fabric, weakening the material. Keeping your patio slings free of dirt and grime will dramatically increase their lifetime. Never use bleach, or bleach products, to clean your slings. Never dip your furniture into your pool to clean it. The chlorine in bleach and your pool will cause the slings to fade and dry out prematurely. To clean your slings, use a mild cleanser/degreaser such as dish soap. Use a soft bristled brush to gentle scrub the sling clean of any dirt or grime. Be sure to rinse your slings thoroughly. AS&PS recommends Casual Clean, a high quality cleaner designed specifically for your vinyl furniture. You can find it in our Parts Section along with everything else you’ll need to keep your furniture in top condition.

Q. Where can I see the patterns and colors of your sling material?

Answer: You can find all our sling color options along with high resolution sample photos by visiting Sling Options, or by clicking Slings and then Sling Options in the menu at the top of the page.

 Q. Can I get samples of the sling material?

Answer: Of course! AS&PS realizes it can be incredibly difficult to determine a color based on a picture on the computer. In fact, we prefer to send you a free sample if you have any doubt about what color to order. Our Sample Order Form makes it easy for everyone. There is a limit of 3 free samples please. All samples are sent USPS to ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Q. Can I send you a sample of my sling fabric to match?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to match sling fabrics for a given manufacturer’s product line. The original fabrics fade over time, and many times will not match. Manufacturers are also constantly revising their offerings, and fabrics can become discontinued and subsequently unavailable. Please take a look at our Sling Options for available colors and visit our Sample Order Form to order up to 3 samples free.

Q. Can I send you my old sling fabric to use as a pattern?

Answer: Used slings do not provide an accurate measurements for an appropriate replacement sling as they are stretched and deformed. Please take a look at our Sling Measurement Instructions for guidelines on getting the right measurement for your furniture.

Q. Is the fabric mesh material used for slings a good quality?

Answer: AS&PS offers only the best quality outdoor grade mesh material.

Q. Can I order this fabric by the yard?

Answer: Yes. All of our custom cut sling fabrics are available by the yard. The bolt width is 54″. You can order by the yard under the Sling menu at the top of the page.

Q. Will I get new plastic rods (sling spline) with my new slings?

Answer: Yes. Included rods are either 1/4″ or 7/32″ in diameter and a bit longer the the length of your sling. New rods are soft, flexible, and arrive already inserted into your sling for easy installation.

Q. What if my slings don’t fit when I get them?

Answer: We’re committed to providing the best products and customer service for our clients. If your slings don’t fit, please get in touch with us. If we made a mistake, we’ll make it right. If the provided measurements were incorrect, we will gladly work with you to adjust them. We’ll find a mutually agreeable solution to any problem with your slings. We won’t leave you hanging!

Q. How long does it take to ship my order?

Answer: Single layer sling orders are processed within 5 working days. Shipping time with UPS ground is 3-5 working days.

Q. My question is not listed in FAQ: What do I do?

Answer: Click Contact Us at the top of the page and drop us a line. All questions and comments are appreciated. We’ll answer your questions in the order received.

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