How to Install Slings

Instructions how to install slings

DO NOT apply any product to your sling. It will not make it easier to install them and you might ruin the slings.

If your slings came with wrinkles, don’t worry, after installed they will work themselves out over time.

If possible take a few digital pictures of your chair before the installation process. You will see that will be very helpful when putting all the pieces back together. If you do not have a digital camera take notes of how your chair comes apart.

Gathering all the tools. Picture 1

how to install slings

  1. Flat Head Screw Driver
  2. Utility Knife or Scissors
  3. Pliers
  4. Rubber Mallet
  5. Ratchet, Sockets or Allen wrench

Step One: Removing End Caps.

removing end caps

Using a flat head screw driver remove both end caps from the top of your chair and both end caps from the bottom of your chair. Be very careful when removing the end caps, they may be dry and brittle as they are exposed to outdoor elements. Picture 2

Step Two: Cutting your old slings.

Using a utility knife or a pair of scissors cut the old sling fabric down the center in two as shown in pictures 3 and 4.
If you prefer to keep your old sling skip this step and continue removing the sling.

how to cut old slings cutting old slings

Step Three: Removing the slings from the rails.

After a period time the sling rod will get stuck inside the rail and one way to loosen it up is to spray dish washing soap on all the sling rails (picture 5), wait 2 minutes then push down the sling rod using a flat head screw driver (picture 6).  DO NOT pry open the sling rail because it will damage the frame.

removing the slings from the rail getting the slings out from the rail

Step Four: Getting the sling out

Picture 7

Hold with one hand the frame and with the other hand, using a pair of pliers, pull both sling fabric and the rod out of the frame as shown in picture 7.

Step Five: Removing the bolts.

removing the bolts

We recommend spraying all bolts with any penetrating oil (WD 40) one hour before removing them. Picture 8

Step Six: Installing the Fabric Sling.

Slide the sling fabric on ONE SIDE ONLY into the sling rail. Make sure to keep the American Slings tag at the top of the chair, as shown in picture 9 and picture 10.
The American Slings tag is the top of the sling.

installing the fabric slings

Picture 9

how to install fabric slings

Step Seven: Removing bolts on one side.

removing bolts

Using a ratchet remove the two or three bolts that hold the sling rail in place on the same side of the chair that you just installed your sling. Picture 11

Step Eight: Installing the sling at the other side.

You should have one loose sling rail inserted to one side of sling. Go ahead and slide the other side of the sling fabric into the sling rail that is attached to the chair.
Picture 12 and Picture 13

Picture 12

how to install slings on the other side

Step Nine: Installing the sling rail.

You should have the fabric inserted into the side of the sling rail that is attached to the chair. Place the loose side of the sling rail onto the chair frame. Line up the holes and insert the bolts and any spacers or washers that you had previously removed and tighten the bolts using your fingers for now.  Picture 14 and 15

Picture 14

sling rail installation

Step Ten: Pulling the bottom sling.

Using a pair of pliers pull the sling at the bottom of the chair until it’s even with both ends of sling rail. Picture 16

Using a ratchet tighten only the bottom loose bolt. Picture 17

pulling the bottom slings pulling the bottom slings….

Step Eleven: Pulling the top Sling.

Position yourself behind the chair and pull the sling upward until it is completely stretched and most of the wrinkles are eliminated. Picture 18

You can clamp the fabric down to the sling rail to hold the fabric in place while you tighten the remaining loose bolts. Picture 19

Don’t worry if there’s still a few wrinkles, they will stretch out after some use.

Picture 18

Picture 19

Step Twelve: Installing the spreader bar.

If your chair has a spreader bar on the back of your chair, now it’s time to re-install it, if not skip this step and go to step fourteen.

Try to reinstall the spreader bar back. Picture 20. If it’s to long, try bending it with your knee just enough to fit into place. Picture 21

Picture 20

Picture 21

Step Thirteen: Tapping the spreader bar.

Using a towel or any other fabrics that will protect your chair from scratching flip your chair upside down.
Using a rubber mallet tap the bar very gently until it’s in place and the rails are stretched. Picture 22, Picture 23

Picture 22

Picture 23

Step Fourteen: Cutting the retaining rods and installing the end caps.

Picture 24

Using a Utility knife or a wirer cutter cut any excess of length from the plastic rod. Picture 24

Picture 25

Reinsert the end caps back into the slings rails. Picture 25

Picture 26

Using a rubber mallet gently tap the end caps back into the slings rails. Picture 26


AS&PS is not responsible for any damage caused to your sling frames or to sling fabric. Those using the information in this guide do so at their own discretion.

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